Short catheters Short catheters
Short polyurethane catheter with vane and injection site for all sizes.
Syringe 1ml Syringe 1ml
Insulin and tuberculin syringes with or without needles.
UU Syringes UU Syringes
Single-use syringes with high- transparency plastic, from 2,5 ml to 30ml, 2 to 3 pieces, luer or luer lock connector.
Needles Needles
A full range for injection or drip, hypodermic needles in all sizes, short intravenous catheter standard or secure infusion set.
60 ml syringes 60 ml syringes
Single-use 60 ml syringes luer or catheter end piece.
Lancing device Lancing device
Secured lancing devices enable the caregiver to control glycaemia without AES risks. Available in many sizes.