Medical examination and care gloves  Medical examination and care gloves
Whether they are made with latex, nitrile, or vinyl, examination and care gloves of Polysem Medical range meet European standards and provide a protection adapted to caregivers' needs.
Sterile gloves  Sterile gloves
Latex, vinyl, nitrile or polythene, choose the sterile intervention and examination gloves, with or without powder, ambidextrous or anatomical, in pairs or unit, that suits the best your technical gesture.
Gynecology gloves  Gynecology gloves
The polythene gloves made by Didactic, or the latex big cuff gloves brings answers to your technical gestures (uterine examination, vaginal or rectal touch, childbirth...)
Protective gloves  Protective gloves
Anti-heat, anti-cut, anti-cold, anti-radiation, anti-stain or anti-paracetic acid : protective gloves to discover without further delay.
Household gloves  Household gloves
Household gloves, available in latex or vinyl, are flocking or not and have been tested with many cleaning products, which guarantee a wide spectrum. Discover our offers ...
Box supports  Box supports
Make sure to always have gloves in the rooms or after washing your hands, thanks to gloves supports, adapted to the packaging provided. Choose the one that corresponds the most to your needs.
Eye Protection Eye Protection
On eyeglasses, interchangeable goggles or anti-fog goggles for an efficient eye protection for maintenance jobs, decontamination or surgical rooms.
FFP1-2-3 Masks FFP1-2-3 Masks
With a pliant shape or hull, with or without valve, xith P1, P2, or P3 protection, discover the protective breathing mask range that corresponds to your needs.
Charcoal Mask Charcoal Mask
Clean your equipments in confined environment using individual anti-odors protective masks with activated charcoal, with or without valve, P1, P2 or P3 category. Acidic or organic odors are catched!
Cartridge Mask Cartridge Mask
For an efficient protection against acid or organic fumes. Disposable mask reusable with ABEKP cartridges.