Drip one way Drip one way
A range of one way drip with ou without air intake. Equipped with an accurate and reliable wheel and high quality components for an easy use in complete security.
3 ways drip 3 ways drip
A 3 ways drips range, equipped with an accurate and reliable wheel and a 3 ways lipido-resistant tap which can be easily used.
3 ways drip without BPA 3 ways drip without BPA
Our 3 ways drips without DEHP and BPA, equipped with an accurate and reliable wheel, and a 3 ways tap without BPA, lipido-resistant, easily identifiable by the green color of its key.
Extension without BPA Extension without BPA
Drip extensions without BPA of 3mm internal diameter, with mobile luer-lock connector, with 3 ways tap without BPA, length from 10 to 150 cm.
Multichannel drip Multichannel drip
Range designed for anaesthesia and obstetric. Our range of multichannel drip is equipped of one way valves enabling to prevent the risk of drugs reflux.
Specific drip Specific drip
Drips for specific uses enabling Didactic Group to offer a complete range ( accurate drips, opaque drips, paediatric drips...)
1 & 3 ways transfusion 1 & 3 ways transfusion
All transfusion types are offered, 1 & 3 ways transfusion, fixed or movable luer lock, with or without vent terminal filter.
Valve Valve
The two ways Didactic valves are made to administer or remove
Drip extention Drip extention
Drips extensions of diameter 1 to 3 internal mm, with movabled or fixed luer-lock connector, with or without 3 ways taps, MM or MF, from 10 to 200 cm.
Tap Tap
A full range of taps for your drip assembly. 3 ways taps, 1 way tap, 3 ways protected taps with needleless injection site.
Ramps  Ramps
Lipid-resistant high-density polythene ramps, with 2 to 5 taps with color code. Delivered with or without extension from 50 to 200 cm.
Stopper & connection Stopper & connection
A full range of stopping plugs, male stopper, female, universal... Different colors and materials are available according to uses and assembly.
Air intake Air intake
Metal or plastic air intakes. Available in multi-formats (10 or 50) to to make it easier to use under the hood or within the isolator.
Flow controller Flow controller
The rotary flow controllers with ou without graduation, used for the drip lines by gravity, enables to respect the drip procedures by regulating the intake valve and at the same verify the drip chamber.