Didactic Organisation

Un actionnariat stable et des capitaux français

A business owner : Frédéric Viguié

Partners :

La région Normandie accompagne le développement Export de Didactic dans le cadre de son dispositif STRATEX


Régions Haute et Basse Normandie


Turenne Capital


Amundi Asset Management


Connections with health professionals

The aim of  Didactic Group technical committee is to gather heath professionals in various hospitals structures in order to exchange with Didactic Group team on different topics such as: 

  • Environmental general issues of consumable medical devices (e.g medical devices conditioning)
  • Future medical devices
  • Private or public health institutions actors, regarding devices ranges commercialised by Didactic group
  • Good practices to use medical devices

    • Discover Didactic
      Manufacturer for more than 40 years, Didactic is an expert in the production, sterelization and distribution of signe-use medical devices.
    • The tutorials
      Didactic presents the tutorials, videos of good use of its perfusion medical devices
    • Didactic integrates the Inter.Med laboratory
      Didactic completes its products and services offer by integrating Inter.Med laboratories, specialized in mouth care and patient’s environment.