The tutorials

The tutorials are a video support, informative and "Didactic"! about the good use of Didactic medical devices

Tutorial n°1 : The good use of Didactic infusion sets 

Perfusion, inversed purge, glass flask, flexible pouches change, the good use of perfusion devices, good delivery of the prescribed treatment. Here is how to use our infusors correctly , from the setting up of the device to the patient's connection.

Tutorial n°2 : The perfusion valves

Bidirectional or unidirectional valves, non-return or non-siphon valves. Her is an overview of different valves used in perfusion, why and how to use them

Tutorial n°3 : Multiways infusors

Treatment with low therapeutic range, specificities of multiways infusors in anaesthesia, obstetric... It is advised to use infusors with non-return valves. Here is why and how to use Didactic multiways infusors.

Tutorial n°4 : DASRI use

Didactic perforating waste collectors are bounded for caregivers in order to throw out prickly and sharply devices used on patients. These waste are considered as "infectious clinical waste named D.A.S.R.I". Here is how to use all these containers' functionalities.

Tutorial n°5 : The good use of Didactic oncology medical devices

To insure more safety while preparing cytotoxic or anticancer treatments, health professionals supports more and more closed infusors systems. Here is how to use correctly Didactic reconstitution and administration medical devices.


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